Underground comic books. Unknown creators, this is where you get known.

CHEAP SHOT COMIX is an opportunity for everyone to see their comic book in print.
We might not all get a shot with the big two. And you can’t always count on a shot from the second-tier labels. But everyone gets a shot at Cheap Shot!

What we’re looking for:

Finished work (Whether it’s a one panel strip or a multi vol. graphic novel, it needs to be written and illustrated)

Illustrators (Artists with the time, talent & motivation to illustrate a comic book [or strip] from a script or storyboard)

Cover artists (I think this is self-explanatory)

Featured works (Pieces of standalone art, to accompany a book)

Short stories (Seriously, kids. SHORT. Two pages tops!)

…unillustrated scripts will likely not be read. If you really believe in your story, but just can’t draw. Illustrate it the best you can. Use stick figures if you need to. I will definitely read that. Also, check out some of the books I’ve drawn, before you decide whether or not you’ve got the chops to be an illustrator.

And remember. The best way to be noticed by the larger publishers, is to get exposure with a smaller label. But, first you’ve got to take a shot.

-J.A. Krause III (editor-in-chief)       me n ben vests